Sunday, July 12, 2009

Facebook Chatting

I love chatting on Facebook, especially with people I don't get to see that often. It's the next best thing to talking on the phone, which is the next best thing to talking face to face, which is the next best thing to being friends that hang out. It's a great way to get in touch with long lost friends, exchange quick information, and carry flirtatious conversations with people of the opposite gender, typing things you'd be WAY too uncomfortable to say to their face.

Sometimes I wonder how awesome it would be if our regular everyday conversations carried on like a Facebook chat. You could be talking to two people at the same time about two entirely different subjects, just taking turns commenting or asking questions, and when a third person came along, you could just add him in.

You could ask him a question, and he'd ask you a question before realizing that you had just done the same thing, then quickly answer your question right before you answer his. Then you both would realize how awkward the mix-up was and take turns chuckling, "Haha." "Lol." And if someone told a really funny joke, you could actually roll on the floor laughing, and no one would think anything of it.

If you were at a party, and someone you didn't like showed up and said, "Hey, broseph, how's it hangin'?" you could just leave the room, and he'd assume you weren't available for conversation. Also, if you asked someone a question, he could just walk to the other side of the room, grab a drink, come back, and say, "Oh, sorry, I was off getting some punch."

Also, flirting would be incredible. I wish girls winked as much in real life as they do on Facebook. The wink has become a generic "Well, hey there," facial expression in electronic communication. There was once a time when a wink meant a WINK, as in, "Between you and me, I think you're sweet stuff." But those days are long gone. Same with the tongue sticking out. I can't imagine any actual, normal conversation I'd have where I'd stick my tongue out to emphasize jealousy or sarcasm, but it's become a pretty casual expression.

But alas, all these delightful quirks are limited to the world of Facebook and texting. But not Twitter. That's a whole 'nother league of dysfunctional social interaction.

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